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Fashionable, Handcrafted , Fine Horn Jewelry For A Good Cause

Ivylish was founded with the mission of solving a pandemic social problem: bringing better education to orphans in Vietnam. Every year in Vietnam, thousands of children end up in the orphanages due to a variety of reasons such as poverty, health issues, or loss of parents. According to Vietnam Ministry of Labour-Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA), there are currently some 2.6 million disadvantaged and poor children, including 70,000 children who are orphans, neglected, or afflicted by violence. 

These children grow up in orphanages, temples, and churches across Vietnam. While many of these institutions are well managed and provide care to these children, they can only do so much to prepare the children for life outside of the orphanage when they turn 18.
The Ivylish team frequently travels to Vietnam and dedicates part of the company's profit to set up computer labs, teach orphans English, and allow them to learn by using technology that the kids would otherwise never have the chance to. We also work with local jewelry designers that teach the orphans how to make jewelry, which is featured on the Ivylish website. These orphans get to have access to a much better education while developing life-long job skills. 

Kids without Borders partners with Ivylish Jewelry help bring better education to Orphans in Vietnam  Ivylish jewelry members join kids without borders volunteers visit orphans in Go Vap Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

Instead of giving these orphans fish, we teach them how to fish, and above all, provide the end-market for them to sell their own fish. The kids will then train other orphans from their same village, creating their own sustainable livelihood. We are committed to create a long-term solution to a critical social problem. Our jewelry is not only beautiful, but it is literally improving thousands of lives. Time to SHINE LIVES with HOPE!  


Commitment to Customer Service 

At Ivylish, we attempt to style you and your loved ones with high quality water buffalo horn jewelry without forcing you to spend a fortune. Our dedicated team of fashion advisors and designers constantly work on unique designs to bring you the latest styles and the most trendy collection of fine horn jewelry. At Ivylish, There are always promotions and deals going on for even our most cost-conscious customers. Throughout the process, our customer service team is committed to your complete satisfaction. Every piece of our fine horn jewelry comes in an elegant box with Ivylish's distinguished trademark and certificate of authentication.

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We also offer free delivery within the U.S. on orders over $69 and a 7 day fully-refundable guarantee. 

In case you have any question, please call us at 1-888-998-0854 or email us at: Help@ivylish.com We hope you fall in love with Ivylish and treat yourself and your loved ones to our stunning and stylish horn jewelry.