Frequently Asked Questions
How can I contact IVYLISH for wholesale ?

Please email us at for catalog. Our initial minimum order quantity (MOQ) is $300.00.
More details:

How do you source raw material?
We currently source high quality raw water-buffalo horn from Vietnam. Our artisans locate networks of local villagers who farm-raise water-buffalos. When water-buffalos are cultivated for meat or die of old age, villagers sell horns for additional income. Our artisans handpick the best pieces and put them through a 2 month treatment process to refine the horn. Using horn to make jewelry is a sustainable recycling solution!

What happened to the animal?
Similar to other farm livestock such as birds, pigs, and fishes, water-buffalos are cultivated for meat after mature cycle of milk extraction. Their horns are bypass products that, if not sold, will be processed for use as organic fertilizer. The villagers often sell high quality horns to artisans for jewelry and musical instruments. The rest is used as fertilizer.

Would the finished surface of our jewelry easily get scratched?
Buffalo horn is naturally scratch resistant. For additional protection, our jewelry comes in a soft velvet pouch for storage.

Will Ivylish Jewelry be available in retail stores? 
Up to December 2014, we are currently serving 120+ boutique partners across USA. 

What percentage of donations goes to the charity? At least 10% of our profits will go to our charities.  

Where is the jewelry manufactured ?
Currently our jewelry is made in Vietnam. We hope to expand to include artisans from many developing countries, soon.



1. Water-buffalo horn is non-toxic, but our jewelry are made of materials that should not be ingested.  Pregnant women and parents especially should use caution when wearing our jewelry around small children.

2. Delays may occur. Our exciting journey is just beginning and with your help, we are working day and night to move fast. We would love to say exactly what date your Ivylish jewelry perks will ship, but honestly with all jewelry are handcrafted, not to mention import/export, custom regulatory requirements, are driven by variables that are often beyond our control. However, if you bought this as a Christmas gift, we will make sure to let your significant other know that his/her very special gift is on its way. 

3. Our fine horn lacquer jewelry might break, crack without proper storage. Every piece of your jewelry comes with a soft velvet pouch and handmade premium wooden paper boxes. Treat your jewelry with love and it will last forever.