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Every year, due to poverty, health issues, abandonment and loss of parents, thousands of Vietnamese children are sent to orphanages, temples and churches, totalling a disturbing number of over 700,000 as of 2011. While many of these institutions provide good care and education to these children, they can only do so much to prepare them for a more sustainable future as they exit the care system.

Our Ivylish team regularly travels to Vietnam to set up computer labs,organizes English lessons, college scholarships and apprenticeships, which enable our kids to learn essential skills that they would otherwise wouldn't have the chance to. Our talented craftsmen also work as mentors to the kids, training them to make high-quality jewelry. These apprentices, in turn, will pass these life-long skills to younger kids at their institution, thus enabling them to make a living and sustain their livelihoods from the age-old tradition.

Children can dream. Let's join force and give them the resource to elevate their capacities. By purchasing of our premium jewelry, you tell us that you believe in our mission,in changing lives via our Ivylish fashion.