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We believe in the power of collaboration to do good. We are thankful for the right direction and support from our leading business professionals and experienced social entrepreneurs, for the detailed implementation and on-the-ground skill building from our local designer and jewellery manufacturing partners, for the endless hours that caretakers and volunteers at our orphanage put on to help our kids receive the right training and skillset, and for your very time and support to help us shine lives.  

Our Invitation

You are invited to shine lives with Ivylish through:
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2.    Be our ambassadors to share our cause with your friends (Showcase our documentary video, other activities we can discuss and add on later)
3.    Help build our computer lab and education programme. HOW ?
4.    Join our next Humanitours to Vietnam to meet our kids or volunteer as an English teacher if you are in Vietnam 
(Email us at Phuong@ivylish.com , Kevin@ivylish.com )