This is Be on the left. Be works with the kids as a teacher and also on making arts and crafts. Like many other friends at Go Vap Orphanage, when asked, Be didn’t know of her real age. She was left at the nearby church when she was just a newborn. Her mothers at Go Vap gave her a birth certificate, and from then one, Be knows that she was born in 1984.
At the age of 18, she left Go Vap to study at Thu Duc Trade school, which is mostly dedicated to homeless children. She tried many jobs, as a tailor or an assistant chef, but at the end, she decided to return to Go Vap to become a care-taker for her own “siblings.” “Working outside is more comfortable, earnings are also better, but I like to come back to Go Vap. I want to help the kids who are also as disadvantaged as me. I want to make up for their loss of a real parent,” Be shared with us, almost bursting into tears, about her decision to return to Go Vap at the age of 25. 
Be’s dream is to become a certified teacher to be able to teach and take care of Go Vap children. She is now taking college classes part time, focusing on caretaking and teaching for children with special needs (e.g., slow learners, hydrocephalus victims)

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